The Company’s deepest ambitions to become a prominent player in the domestic Indonesian adhesive tape packaging market by offering segmented product quality in accordance to today’s diverse markets. We believed these markets need to be served accordingly to their specific needs or requirements by providing them a solution with practical product quality, feature and value against pricing. Price is just the top of the iceberg, customers cannot get all the information behind the price, but we can do all the assesment which ensures all the prices we quote deserved qualified products to back with to serve different markets. Being a new company, we believed honesty is the utmost important key factor in building a successful long term business partnership and we do not manufacture products with underrated spec quality, which we believed and claimed to be true and we manufacture these products in good faith accordingly to meet the company’s product brand positioning in each own specific market.

We understand the difficulties being a new company launching a new brand product in the market. Pinpointing what customers really want is no simple task. For one thing, customers cannot always articulate their quality requirements. In developing product quality programs, companies often fail to take into account two basic sets of questions. First, how do customers define and perceive quality. Second, how important is quality customers service and how can it be ensured after the sale? As mundane as these questions may sound, the answers provide essential information on how to build an effective customer driven quality program. We should not forget that customers, after all, serve as the ultimate judge of quality in the marketplace. Attempts to anwer these customer perceptions are a step in the right direction towards a company’s or a product’s quality image, which obviousy cannot be improved overnight. It takes time to cultivate customer confidence on new products as promotional tactics alone will not do the job. In fact they backfire if the claims and promises do not hold up and customers perceive them as gimmicks.

Equally fundamental yet often overlooked are products with low quality material apects which can be unreliable and detrimental during application, yet cannot be justified for its product warranty in terms of material quality/performance, thickness wise and length size measurement and other adverse factors which can ultimately harming the long term business relationship. Product performance and customer service are therefore closely linked in any product quality program; the greater the attention to product quality in production, the fewer the demands on the customers service operation to correct subsequent problems. The up-front investment in quality minimizes the need for customer service. Quality shall remain our primarily customer driven, not production driven or competitor driven.

It is also relevant at this point to consider that price is something that we will take into account seriously, which is responsible for successful customers driven quality programs in respect to product quality assurance, feature and value evaluation by customers that becomes our basic foundation in forming our company’s culture and philopsophy. We will make sure that every potential customer and existing customer knows that the products offered by the company is competitive and quickly be able to differentiate the products with those of competitors in tems of price against value, while maintaining its product feature and quality benefits. We believed that despite our humble beginning, the company’s development strategy will ensure a continued growth and will provide job opportunities in the coming years. We sincerely hope, our potential customers will benefit from our product and unparalled customer service given

Managing Director